Hand Block Bedsheets

Our beautiful hand-block printed bed sheets are designed to make for a great focal point in your room. We offer cotton handmade bed sheets that are good to go for any season. Choose from our extensive collection of block-printed bedding sheets and create a haven for you to relax and unwind. Our products are washable, easy to maintain, have fast colors, and the purest form of cotton that gets softer with every wash.

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A large part of our day is spent between the sheets, therefore it becomes vital that we invest in linen that feels nice to get in. It is a place where you sleep, a safe space, a comfortable and personal place where you spend quality time.

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep and a comfortable bedsheet is very important. All you need is a lovely bedsheet to give your home a makeover or to create a pleasant retreat for your personal space. Buying bed sheets online is one of the most important investments you can make for your house in order to improve your physical and mental sleep. The cotton bedsheet set you purchase should not only complement your bedroom’s style but also be comfy.

Printing Process

Block printing and tie-and-dye printing are our main specialties. Both of these methods entail manual work, thus they are entirely reliant on the skills of the individual performing the tasks. The entire process requires three levels of art: drawing, carving, and printing. First, an artist designs and draws the motifs, then artisans carve these intricate designs into wooden blocks by hand, and then the artisans stamp the repeating colors and patterns onto the fabric – layer by layer, color by color.

Bedsheet Bazar uses the traditional delicate hand block printing method that has been used in India for ages to create block print bedding. To be perfected, the entire printing process requires knowledge and years of experience. Our artisans start by carving the essential designs on a woodblock based on the design of the bedsheet. These wooden blocks are then soaked in various natural printing colors before being stamped in a specific pattern on the specified cotton fabric to produce stunning designs. After that, the printed fabric is allowed to dry for a few days. The fabric is then steamed and cured to ensure that the colors fully adhere to the fabric. This technique is used to create exclusive designs that exhibit quality charm on every Jaipur block print bedsheet at Bedsheet Bazar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of the double bedsheet?

A: The standard size of a double bedsheet is 90″ x 108″ or 230 x 275cm. For a king-size bed, it is recommended to buy a double bedsheet of size 108″ x 108″ or 275 x 275cm.

Q: What is the standard size for Bedsheets?
A: The standard size of bedsheets –

Single Bedsheet – 60″ x 90″ or 152 x 230cm
Double Bedsheet – 90″ x 108″ or 230 x 275cm
Queen size Bedsheet – 100″ x 108″ or 254 x 275cm
King size Bedsheet – 108″ x 108″ or 275 x 275cm
Superking size Bedsheet – 120″ x 110″ or 304 x 280cm

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: We have a seven-day return policy on all of our products. Please read our detailed return policy here.
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